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About NimbusHosting.Net

NimbusHosting.net is a division of Facility Wizard Software, an established software company founded in 1996. In the year 2000, Facility Wizard Software expanded its services to provide application hosting services for its own software products.

Drawing upon years of professional expertise in managing hosted application infrastructure and services, NimbusHosting.net focuses on providing software application hosting for other software publishers.

NimbusHosting.net provides extremely fast, secure and reliable hosting in a SAS 70 certified managed hosting facility. We are a premium service providing top of the line hosting for demanding clients and projects.

Company Highlights

We have been designing, building and managing application hosting facilities for our software clients for over 10 years.
FileMaker Expertise
Our own software applications are built on the FileMaker platform.
SAS 70 Hosting Facility
We utilize a SAS 70, Tier 2 hosting facility.