Excelisys has spent the better part of 11 years specializing in building, supporting, migrating, upgrading, tweaking, fixing, and integrating quality custom database and web application solutions for companies, organizations, workgroups, and people all over the globe.
Through quality service and innovative ideas, Excelisys' goals are to provide both business process consulting and custom FileMaker Pro database development services that people within any organization type can depend upon. Excelisys has some of the most EXceptional and EXperienced FileMaker certified professionals (7 through 12) who think inside and outside of the proverbial development box and always go that extra mile or two to consult, create, and implement the best solutions and/or fixes that you can rely on for now, and well into the future!
Excelisys' core competencies are FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Adobe Flex, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, CodeIgnighter (framework), and AJAX, for Web, Mobile, iPad/iPhone and LAN/WAN deployment strategies.
Our goal is to foster solid relationships, provide EXceptional value, EXtreme quality, and EXcellent customer service for our clientele. So don't settle for less... Excelisys has the methods you seek to deliver the best to you - no matter how big or small you may think your company and/or project may be. Contact us today for a no-charge consultation and estimate.

  • FileMaker Certified 7-12
  • (FBA) FileMaker Business Alliance 9 Years
  • 11 Years Doing What We Love to Do!
  • Over 20 Dedicated Developers, Designers, & Consultants


Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key is a technology company, focused on providing application development and technology consulting to medium and large businesses. We have the skills to optimize everything from your local network to an application's user interface. This is especially important in a hosted environment, where every moving piece between you and your app can be a bottleneck. We have an unparalleled expertise in deploying and optimizing FileMaker over the wide area network (WAN).
Skeleton Key is a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner and FileMaker Authorized Training center. We have five (5) Certified FileMaker developers and two (2) Authorized Trainers. Our team of senior developers average 19 years of FileMaker development experience. Having a high level team allows Skeleton Key to offer more reliability, redundancy and speed to our customers.


MightyData, LLC

At MightyData, we transform the way you think about and use technology. If used effectively, technology has the inherent power to produce dramatic results. We not only share that power with you, but also expand upon it, so you can tap into technology for all it's worth.
Our small, nimble, mighty team prides itself on creating extraordinary value for our customers' bottom line. If you're ready to thrive on technology, then MightyData has the technology to transform your business from respectable to remarkable.
- FileMaker (FBA) Platinum Member
- FileMaker Authorized Trainer
- FileMaker Certified Developer


Soliant Consulting, Inc.

Soliant Consulting specializes in building custom database solutions, Web applications, and integration systems for workgroups. We tackle information and process challenges faced by businesses around the world and are keenly focused on service.
A Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, Soliant works with a wide range of clients, spanning Fortune 500 companies, FileMaker, Inc. itself, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and small/medium size businesses across numerous industries.
Soliant is deeply experienced with FileMaker: we have the most certified FileMaker developers on staff in the world. Our principals have authored six books including the FileMaker 9 Developer Reference, they are perennial speakers at the FileMaker Developer Conference, and all three have received FileMaker Excellence Awards. They have written the last five editions of the authorized FileMaker Foundation Training Series courseware as well.
Coupled with FileMaker, the company also specializes in Web systems written in Adobe Flex, PHP, JavaScript and Ajax and is additionally steeped in MySQL, PostgreSQL and other open source technologies. Soliant has certified developers in all areas of its expertise, including project management. In addition to core technologies, the firm has worked with application platforms like Drupal and WordPress and has integrated FileMaker with QuickBooks, FedEx and UPS systems, and other specialized applications.



SeedCode offers simple, easy to modify calendars, templates, and small applications for FileMaker Pro users and developers. We author, market, and support SeedCode Calendar, the most popular FileMaker Calendar Template. We also create custom scheduling, CRM, and project management applications based on the SeedCode Platform.

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Our team of professional affiliates provides a comprehensive range of application and system solutions.