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NimbusHosting.Net Premium Application Hosting Services

The professional services provided by NimbusHosting.Net stand apart from similar companies in a few key areas.


• Extensive Experience Managing Hosted Applications:

We have over 10 years experience in designing, building and maintaining our FileMaker hosting infrastructure for our clients. Our parent company's applications are built on the FileMaker platform and delivered within the same Citrix-based environment.

We have had a great amount of success delivering successful projects over the web with LAN-type speeds. Now you can leverage our knowledge and experience to deliver your FileMaker application at the highest level possible.


• FileMaker Knowledge and Licensing Arrangement:

In addition to being FileMaker application developers and FileMaker Business Alliance members, we are also volume license resellers. We work very closely with FileMaker and our agreements allow us to include FileMaker licensing within our hosting costs. This pricing arrangement is fully compliant with FileMaker's licensing agreements.


• Breadth of Services:

We offer a complete spectrum of hosting services that can be selected individually and tailored to fit your requirements, including:
      • Web Publishing
      • FileMaker Go Hosting
      • Customizable Storage
      • Document Management
      • Plug-In Management
      • SuperContainer
      • TCP Port 5003 Available
      • FileMaker Over the WAN
      • Pro and Server Advanced
      • Self-Managed Servers


• Technical Infrastructure:

All hosting environments are certainly not equal. We are proud to offer the following specifications for the Network, Facilities and Data/Disaster Recovery at our Level 2 hosting facility:

Network built from the ground up to be highly reliable and secure
All network paths are gigabit high availability dual NIC teams built across separate NIC cards routing through separate switches to redundant firewalls and routing out through redundant data links.
All servers in the infrastructure are segregated by VLANs. Active Directory is used for security of users and servers.
Primary storage is handled by iSCSI SAN shared across all clustered infrastructure servers.
Virtual machines can be migrated between hosts with less than .25 second downtime.
All critical infrastructure has redundant power supplies plugged into separate power circuits through separate metered and switches power distribution units.
Virtual machines all run in a high availability shared clustered environment allowing for the quick migration of VM between hosts to reduce down time due to maintenance.

Standalone building on 5.4 acres of land
81,600 gross sq. feet
166 parking spaces
Enclosed loading docks and drive-in door
Fire Suppression & Monitoring
Pre-Action Fire Suppression
FIKE Cheetah Alarm
Photo-Ionization Smoke Detectors
VESDA & Handheld Incipient Device
Security&Site Monitoring
Key Card access 24x7 for authorized persons
Entry and Exit Logs
Man Trap
SAS70 Type II audit confirmed the facility had its control objectives tested and reviewed by an independent CPA firm to ensure operational procedures, security, controls, and processes are operating effectively to safeguard and protect data and equipment.
CCTV Monitoring 90 days data storage
24x7x365 security monitoring with strict data center security protocols enabling only authorized personnel near equipment. Alarms tied to BMS and 911
65,000 sq .ft. whitespace environment at full build
24" raised floor
18’ clear ceiling height

Facility Power & Cooling
16,000kW Total Power
10,000kW 2N UPS Power
16,000kW Generators, N+1
N+1 Cooling System
Multiple Liebert CRAC Units
Backup Power
48-hour+ fuel supply back-up
Emergency stand-by contracts with local fuel providers
Weekly non-load exercise tests
2N power to server racks on separate circuits.
Remote reboot ability of any single power outlet.

Facility Connectivity
Carrier Neutral with blended bandwidth
Redundant diverse fiber entrance paths
10 Gig, 2.5 Gig, Ethernet and IP
Ethernet handoff: 10, 100, 1000 Base-T
10 Gig Network Ports
Level 3

FileMaker Servers each run one daily backup
One uncompressed backup is kept for each solution
Backups are compressed nightly and 7 rotating backups are kept on each server.
The compressed backups are copied daily from each FileMaker server to a central backup server
Daily backups are encrypted and copied up to a cloud based backup service nightly
Central backup server is continuously synchronized with a server back in the NimbusHosting.Net server room in our Chicago office.
Every week, Friday’s backups are burned to encrypted DVD sets and kept permanently as an historical archive.

Disaster Recovery
All servers, both physical and virtual, are fully backed up weekly to our primary backup storage array.
Active Directory information is backed up daily to the primary backup storage array.
This array is replicated off site to the NimbusHosting server room continuously for off site copies of all infrastructure.
All networking hardware is secured and backup configuration files kept off site in case a restore is needed.

Comparing Hosting Services

Enterprise Class
Our Citrix-based application hosting provides LAN-speed over the internet. There is simply no comparison to FileMaker over the WAN in terms of speed and reliability.
Our Years of Experience and Expertise
As FileMaker developers and a hosted solutions providers ourselves, we have over 10 years of experience providing this type of service to hundreds of clients.
Large Range Hosting Services Offered
Hosting options include web publishing, customizable storage, document management, plug-ins, SuperContainer, Pro versions and more.
FileMaker, Windows and Citrix Licenses Included
All required licensing is built into our standard affordable hosting fees.
Level 2 Hosting Facility
Our hosting infrastructure provides remarkable reliability, security, speed and flexibility.


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